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Infuse this peaceful trail through Booker T. Washington National Monument with your competitive spirit during our 5K Trail Run/Walk and 5K Obstacle Course races! Sign up here for the 5K Run/Walk and add in the obstacles at the beginning and end for a more intense experience. Obstacles include:

  • Slackline

  • Bucket carry

  • Farm tractor tire flip

  • Military crawl

  • 14" ninja wall

  • Hay bale climb

  • Hurdles

  • Football toss


Run Roanoke will provide timing services.

Detailed Directions for 5K Trail Run/Walk Course and 5K Obstacle Course

1. Start in field across Rt. 122 from Grand Home Furnishing. Obstacles will be in this area.

2. Go straight towards fence that borders Booker T. Washington National Monument

3. Turn left to follow fence to wooded back entrance of Booker T. Washington National Monument

4. Turn right into wooded area at fence opening where Course Marshal #2 is located

5. Take a slight left turn into the pasture in Booker T. Washington National Monument, passing Course Marshal #3

6. Turn left onto walking path at Course Marshal #4

7. Continue left over bridge and past tobacco barn, passing Course Marshal #5

8. Stay straight on this path; you’ll pass Course Marshal #6 & #7 until a slight right turn

9. Run beside the creek (on your left) until a slight right turn, where you’ll start a steady climb

10. Continue straight, passing Course Marshal #8, until you reach the open field. Then veer left at Course Marshal #9 & Water Station

11. Continue to the end of the field to Course Marshal #10

12. Turn right to reconnect to the walking path at Course Marshal #11

13. Turn left past Course Marshal #6

14. Stay straight past Course Marshal #5 and start a grassy climb past the small buildings on the hill

15. Turn right at Course Marshal #12

16. Turn left at Course Marshal #4

17. Continue through pasture past Course Marshal #3

18. Turn left at fence after where Course Marshal #2 is located

19. Turn right into the field where Course Marshal #1 is located

20. Continue straight onto gravel road

21. Turn left to continue following gravel road and complete the obstacles a second time.

22. Finish will be straight ahead!

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